Chemical Maitenance

Start enjoying your pool instead of constantly worrying about the chemistry and upkeep. Sharky's Pool Care provides the knowledge on how to properly use chemicals to better save you time and money. Our pool professionals make weekly visits to your home as well as free chemical delivery.

Water Testing

Bring us a water sample for free testing! We also test the water on each service visit we and leave a detailed written report.

Salt Systems

Lower maintenance is a big advantages of saltwater swimming pools. They virtually clean themselves and require much less attention than pools that just use chlorine. The chlorine generator converts salt into chlorine, so you don't have to keep a constant check on the water sanitation.

Pool Sitting

Going away on vacation? No worries, Sharky's Pool Care will make sure your pool is sparkling clean when you get home. We will make daily visits while you are away.

Clean Filters

Whether it is cartrgidge or sand, there is no filter too big or small that we won't clean.

Check Plumbing

We will check the air, inspect for leaks or any other issues.